Fan Favorites 4 Piece Cuticle Oil Set by Northern Star

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A collection of fan-chosen scents from previous PPUs

Northern Star is pleased to present a scented cuticle oil set comprised of four fantastic fan favorite scents!

Each boxed set includes one 4ml vial of each scent, with a roller ball applicator. Roll a little oil on the tips of your fingers and then massage into your nails, hands, or hair; or roll directly onto your nails, wrists, or arms whenever you need a little extra nourishment! 

Scents included:

  • Wayward Son - Sweet grass, sage, jasmine, lily, and the sunflowers of a hot Kansas night (March 2019 Album Covers and inspired by the music of Supernatural)
  • Crocus - Florals of rose, lilies, and crocuses mixed with ylang ylang and a soft musk (April 2019 Famous Works of Art and inspired by Medieval English gardens)
  • Mocha Mint - Dark chocolate, cool peppermint, and a hint of coffee (September 2019 Magic & Alchemy and inspired by the magical duo coffee and cocolate)
  • Poppy - Cherry, orange, and pomegranate dusted with cinnamon, mint, and cocoa (March 2020 Ancient History and inspired by ancient Italy)

Vegan, cruelty-free, and with no added phthalates

product size: 4ml each vial, 16ml total

shipped weight: 3oz

200 available

25 UK

ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Green Tea Seed Oil, and Fragrance