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Inspired by Snow globes! December 2019, Winter is Coming

Flurry in a Bottle is a snow globe in a polish bottle! It contains blue and silver metallic and holographic glitter, blue-purple iridescent glitter, and two sizes of holographic silver snowflakes. Shake it up and watch the magic! The silver snowflakes are larger and heavier, and fall more quickly, while the smaller glitters drift more slowly downward. After it's shaken up, you can tilt and flip the bottle, watching the snowflakes move, and how they move the other glitter as they fall.

The cap has a stainless steel eyehook in the top, so you have the option of leaving it as is and setting it somewhere (for example: on a desk, by your keyboard, like mine is!), or it can be attached to or hung from something using one of the three included attaching pieces. There is a lanyard clip and a small ball chain with clasp (good for attaching to a purse or tote), as well as a lobster clasp with a ring on the end (good for using a ribbon loop to hang it like an ornament).

product size: 7.5mL bottle, full height approximately 3 and 1/8" (80mm), front and back of the glass bottle are approximately 1 and 3/8" (35mm) tall by 1 and 1/8" (29.5mm) wide

shipped weight: 2.1

150 available

20 UK


ingredients: Nail polish bottle, steel findings, suspending fluid, glitter, and wonder. :)