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Inspired by One of my favorite treats growing up was animal crackers and if you were lucky, you got the iced variety. Pink iced animal crackers are so delicious but they are also so cute! What’s not to love—pink is my favorite color and sprinkles (do I need to say more?) But there is one question to ask—what is your favorite animal? At the Carnival

Animal Crackers Wax Brittle is made with a soy wax blend that produces a strong scent with a lasting fragrance. Just place the desired amount in your wax warmer and enjoy a yummy sweet scent reminiscent of the circus—sugar cookies, cotton candy, butter crème and vanilla bean and fluffy white marshmallow.

product size: 3oz

shipped weight: 4.5oz

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ingredients: Soy Wax Blend, Fragrance Oil, Wax Dye, Candy Confetti