AgAuCu | And Now, the Weather Necklace

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Inspired by Welcome to Night Vale

What if you could pull down a piece of the sky? What if it were a shiny, vibrant piece of crystal? Do you ever think about the moon? And do you know that this necklace is made in a remote corner of the desert? Something to think about, listeners. Or, maybe, to not think about, and instead, listen to… Welcome to Night Vale.

The “And Now, the Weather” necklace features a bead of purple agate and a stainless steel, crescent moon, hanging from a stainless steel chain. All metal is stainless steel, except the bead caps on the agate, which are silver-plated, lead-free pewter. Each agate bead will vary naturally in both color and pattern, and I’ve laid out a good representation of the range of both in these photos.

product size: Clasps from approx. 16.25-16.875” long; pendant hangs approx. 1.25” from the chain.

shipped weight: 1oz

60 available

5 UK

ingredients: Stainless steel; silver-plated, lead-free pewter; dyed agate.