demiflux | Girus - Origami Beaded Bead, Convertable Pendant/Lamp Pull

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Inspired by pandoraviruses. Scientist's research show that these giant virus's genes may have altered organisms for millions of years. Giant viruses (aka giruses) were only discovered in 2003, in a water cooling tower. To geek out and read more, search Virus World Theory.

We've imported shiny gunmetal Japanese beads and metallic matte gold toned Czech beads to create this woven geometric beaded bead.

The beaded bead measures about 20mm across at the widest point and there is a stainless steel jumpring attached. You can either wear this on your favorite chain or use it as a lamp or fan pull. The components to use as a lamp/fan pull are included.

product size: 2cm x 2cm

shipped weight: 1oz

ingredients: Japanese beads, Czech beads, poly thread for weaving, stainless steel components