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Inspired by "My inspiration for these earrings are the Sailor Starlights, They were some of my favorite characters in the final arc of Sailor Moon. They searched the literal stars for their Princess. That kind of dedication is amazing. I brought these back as they are one of my personal favorites!" Written in the Stars

Shooting Stars takes colors from each of the three Sailor Starlights. Sailor Star Fighter matte grey, Sailor Star Maker matte Lavender, and Sailor Star Healer matte Sea foam green. I love their ear pieces so I used a Star and a wing charm to show that. And used black to tie it all together. With a splash of gold with the beads.

product size: From hook to end of wing is 2.5 inches

shipped weight: 1oz

20 available

5 UK

ingredients: I used Anodized Aluminum rings, gold glass beads, metal charms, and surgical steel earring hooks.