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Inspired by rainy day recess and the Magic School Bus—those were the days! You may have had the best teacher ever if you got to watch the Magic School Bus at school. I still want to take a trip on that bus and hang out with Liz! Imagine all the places that you could go. Imagine discovering new science and technology. Where would you go on the Magic School Bus? What would you discover?

Ginger Fizz Boutique’s contribution to the August Indie Pickup’s “Weird Science” theme is “Hit it Liz!”. This wax comes in a variety of shapes and sizes: yellow/orange planets, blue stars, green lizards, yellow school buses, and purple rocket ships. All wax shapes are scented in a refreshing Downey April Fresh (Type) scent. Top notes are citrus, middle notes are jasmine, violet, rose, and the bottom notes are cedar, sandalwood, musk. Our waxes are made from a soy wax blend. This listing is for 4 oz. of wax shapes.

product size: 4oz

shipped weight: 5oz

75 available

25 UK

ingredients: Soy Wax Blend, fragrance oil, wax dye