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Inspired by "I think making slime from common ingredients is very weird. I found some commercially prepared slime in a 1" clear round ball, so of ourse I knew I had to embed that slime ball in my signature foaming bath bomb formula." 

Larger hand packed non scented foaming bath bomb with a slime ball embed.

"Even using a press, my damaged shoulder is not strong enough to make these big bath balls so I have had to hand mold these. The exterior is a bit lumpy, like a meatball, in my opinion, verifiable proof they are hand made LOL! Please, I caution people this is the formula that if used all at once, may feel too greasy."

product size: About 3" round

shipped weight: 5-6 oz

40 available

5 UK


ingredients: unrefined cocoa butter, unrefined shea butter, baling soda, citric acid, SLSa, stearkrnium hectorite, tapioca flour