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Inspired by Aerogel - a nearly light as air and practically see through insulation.

Copper/gold/green shifting iridescent flakie and matching shimmer are in sharp contrast to the blue and indigo thermal. When warm the thermal is nearly transparent with just a hint of blue, but as it cools it transitions through a sheer bright indigo and ultimately will darken to a smokey blue in extreme cold (ice, snow, super cold drink). Glow in the dark blue is best visible during the warm stage.

Personal Note: this innovation was a quiet game changer - NASA has used it to insulate spacecraft and collect comet particles! Switzerland is using it to save historical building. Because it is so light weight, nearly indestructible, fire repellent and ridiculously slim it has been used in everything from wetsuits & firefighter suits to sneakers and stereo equipment; even to de-ice a plan!


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