Oh Fer Cute | Beach Car Coasters

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Inspired by A beach shoreline. Aquatic Wonder

We are bringing back the elusive beach car coasters! This is for 1 pair of coasters. These bad boys are 100% handmade using epoxy resin, pigments and glitter. They measure 2.5" and fit it most vehicle cup holders. They have an easy removal divot and are super easy to wash with soap and water.

Make sure to measure your cup holders to see if they will fit properly. Some larger vehicles have bigger cup holders.

Although this resin is rated heat resistant up to 500F, in extremely hot environments resin can get tacky. It will return to normal once cooled.

product size: 2.5" diameter

shipped weight: 2 oz

100 available

10 UK


ingredients: Epoxy resin, glitter, pigment