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Inspired by "My personal favorite branches of science, chemistry and biology."

An eight piece set, with six paperclip page markers and two clip-on charms.  The six page markers are a bottle with a syringe, a microscope, a section of an electrograph (most people will know of these from electrographs of heart or brain activity), a caffeine molecule, a brain, and a section of DNA.  The clip-on charms are an Erlenmeyer flask and an atom – carbon, if we’re assuming the atom is uncharged, since there are six electrons.  Each charm and page marker has two glass beads, which glow green in the dark.

product size: 8 piece set

shipped weight: 2.5oz

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ingredients: Rectangular paper clips, glow in the dark glass beads, various charms, and stainless steel findings (the lobster clasps and the rings)