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Inspired by Aerogel - a nearly light as air and practically see through insulation. This innovation was a quiet game changer - NASA has used it to insulate spacecraft and collect comet particles! Switzerland is using it to save historical building. Because it is so light weight, nearly indestructible, fire repellent and ridiculously slim it has been used in everything from wetsuits & firefighter suits to sneakers and stereo equipment; even to de-ice a plan!

Hurry now to get your own personal 'pet cloud'! SMOKEY is an approx 1 inch resin square of copper/gold/green shifting shimmer swirl and flicker against the sharp contrast of it's thermal center of nearly transparent blue (warm) to bright blue (cool), & even smokey blue (extreme cold) thermal GitD 'block'. Each 'pet cloud' is unique and easy to care for - hung on a sterling silver cable chain accented w/ a silver tone filigree swirl; length is approx 18 - 20 inches and will have 2 inch accented extender.

clean w/ super soft damp microfiber cloth, such as for eyeglasses.

product size: 3in x 2 in x null (less htan an inch) pkg. Necklace is approx 1in x1in x .25in on 18-20 in chain.

shipped weight: 3oz

45 available

5 UK

ingredients: resin, sterling silver, zinc alloy. Product is NOT Nickle Free.