TC Magic Effect for Magnetic Polish by DRK Nails

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Throwback Month: Carnival Aug 19.

TC Magic Effect was created to facilitate the process of achieving a magnetic effect with magnetic polishes. By using it you’ll save time and make this process more enjoyable. Magnetic polishes dry very fast! With TC Magic Effect you won't need to rush. TC Magic Effect will help you achieve a great magnetic effect even with weaker magnetic polishes. A neodymium magnet is recommended.

How to use it:
1. Apply the magnetic polish as a regular polish and allow it to dry. You 
don't need to apply the magnet to each coat applied.
2. Use a 
generous layer of TC Magic Effect (or even 2 coats) and then hold the magnet over the nail.

3. Repeat with each nail once a time. 


Shipping Weight: 2.1 oz

Available: No cap US / 25 UK