Tea Time Tarts | Tranquili-tea Stroopfels

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July's Rewind- September 2019: Magic & Alchemy

Inspired by Alchemy of Holy Wood

Tranquili-tea was an exclusive wax blend for September 2019 IPU and inspired by the Alchemy of Holy Wood. Palo Santo (Holy Wood) has been used since Ancient times as a spiritual remedy. It can be used purify, detoxify, and even cleanse out any type of negative energy from people, places and things. It can also be used to create peace within yourself.

Scent Notes: blue sugar, palo santo, rich creamy vanilla & sandalwood.

For those who are unfamiliar with the scent, Palo Santo is a sweet smokey & woodsy type of scent.

*colors of Stroopfels you receive will vary since we all have different colors that keep us "tranquil."

product size: 2.6oz

shipped weight: 2.8oz

60 available

5 UK


ingredients: custom in-house parasoy wax blend with max fragrance load & candle dye