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Galactic Unicorn - A fun, playful blend of bubblegum,
fluffy cotton candy, juicy apples, & pears swirled together with
sugared candy lemon drops and rounded out with a hint of Madagascar

Fast & Hard:
*Can be used over wet polish.
*Applied over wet polish, it is dry to the touch in under 3 minutes.
*Super glossy shine that lasts up to 2 weeks.
*Dries rock hard in 15 minutes providing the perfect base for vinyls,
stamping, or other nail art.
*Doesn't 'drag' or 'smear' colors so it can be used over art.
*No shrinkage.
*Doesn't dull holo's.
*Flat, semi-wide brush picks up the perfect amount and glides across
the nail smoothly providing quick, even coverage.
*Also prevents yellowing, fading, & chipping of polish.

2nd Product: 'Peach Beach' Scented Fast & Hard Quick Dry Glossy Top Coat
Link: To follow
Description: Peach Beach - This tropical blend of juicy peach, sweet
papaya, and luscious mango makes you feel like you’re right on the


Shipping Weight: 2.1 oz

Available: US / UK

Second Product